Tattoo stickers how to speed up the development of color

Tattoo stickers must ensure that the area where they are applied is very dry, which can speed up the development of color.

1.The tattoo sticker does not show color can be tapped with warm water, a little moment will show color. Cut out the pattern of choice, the place to paste wipe clean. Tear off the surface of the transparent film, and then stick in the place to stick. Put the front side of the sticker with the pattern on the skin and wet it gently with water until it is completely wet. First peel off the surface of the layer of adhesive paper, and then bar the side with the pattern on the flesh, wet on the back, and wait for the tattoo to dry, tear off the paper is good. Please gently dip the water and pat until the sticker is completely wet.

2.The tattoo sticker process technology for the water transfer technology, the material is mainly composed of water transfer paper, environmentally friendly ink, environmentally friendly glue and compound film, after printing the finished product, you can transfer the pattern on the backing paper to the skin or other items through a small amount of water.

3.The quality of tattoo stickers, bad stickers on the hand sometimes touch off, if you wear cotton clothes, will also stick to the clothes on the lint, which can only last up to 2, 3 days; a good bit of quality tattoo stickers are not washed off the bath, but also not afraid to stick clothes on the lint, generally last at least half a month.

Post time: Nov-03-2022